Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Crypto
with Anthony Pompliano

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I have a personal goal of helping 10,000 people find careers in Bitcoin and crypto. This academy not only educates but helps students make the transition into the industry easier.

Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Crypto

with Anthony Pompliano and Coaches.

3 weeks | Feb 15th

3-8 hours a week

1 project a week

Next Cohort starts on February 15th

6 Live Workshops Taught by Pomp


Bitcoin & How it Works

How bitcoin started, how it works, and what makes it so attractive.


Understanding the Market

Use cases. Supply & Demand. Misconceptions. Buy, sell & store your bitcoin.


The Decentralized World

Smart contracts. Decentralised finance. Regulations. Stable coins & CBDCs.


Crypto Experiments

Web3, DApps, DAOs, ICOs, NFTS and social tokens.


Broader Implications

Institutional involvement, privacy, civil liberties, and nation-state adoption.


Career Day

Top companies will present on their mission, company culture, open roles, and best practices for interviewing.


Pomp will lead two live hour-long Zoom workshops per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm EST, where you can interact and ask questions.

6PM EDT  | 2h/week

Tue & Thu

Live Discussion Groups

Dive deeper throughout the week  to supplement the workshops. Lead by coaches experts in the industry.


Mon & Wed

Assignments - Projects

They will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think more deeply on the topics that we discuss in the workshops.

Weekend deadline

1 per week

Resume and interview guidance

Resume tips and best practices to get into the company you want. Community support. Network and learn from your peer's projects and ideas.

6PM, 3PM, 2PM

Wed, Fri

Curated Resources

You will be provided with a ton of curated resources that you can use to continue learning outside of the workshops and discussion groups.

Lifetime access

Mon & Wed

Community Events

Get to know your classmates in a relaxed environment. Join past and present Academy students in Slack with channels that include: investing, learning, memes, questions, and more!

6PM, 3PM, 2PM

2 per week

Meet the Coaches

Claire Jencks

Careers in Crypto

Specialist in content and marketing, her discussion groups will focus on how to transition into the crypto space—from resume workshopping to personal branding to understanding the ecosystem of new crypto companies.

Balazs Nagy


Balazs hosts discussion groups on NFTs and IPFS. Engineer and inventor at heart, Balazs became an entrepreneur and founder to pursue his calling. This journey has taken him to lead the global operations of NewPush, with responsibility for business in North America, Europe, and Latin America. He also oversees the company’s ongoing expansion into blockchain, compliance, cybersecurity and crypto.

Kenny DeGiglio

Bitcoin & Finance

With a degree in finance, Kenny helps create and curate the resources for the course, leads the class projects, and manages the course logistics & calendar. He hosts discussion groups focused on books, course projects, and recent Bitcoin news.

Colton Sakamoto

Crypto Jobs

Colton graduated with his MBA from Gardner-Webb University, where he also competed on the baseball team. He created Crypto Jobs with Pomp, and helps manage the course structure.

Kody Low

Bitcoin Tech & Lightning Network

Kody is a Facilitator for Synthesis School. He led Infantry Marines as a Platoon Commander, and is now getting a Master's in computer and Information Technology through U Penn.

Kody leads discussion groups on technologies underlying Bitcoin, as well as the lightning network.

Morgan Clemens

Crypto & Society

His discussion groups will mainly focus on the intersection of crypto and society—whether that be the creator economy or the founding of entirely new social organizations based on open, decentralized protocols.
Morgan is currently finishing up his economics degree at the university of Colorado while writing his thesis on the utility of crypto for the world’s unbanked population. Morgan is originally from the Bay Area where he likes to surf, ski, and lift heavy things and put them back down again.

Next cohort starts on February 15th

What Students Are Saying

I met a tremendous amount of likeminded people that have now become my friends, both coaches and classmates. They helped me refine my bitcoin knowledge and pointed me in the right direction.

— Allen Helm


In the nascent industry, there are few to slim certifications, majors, or career experience that can set you apart in the job market, especially for someone like myself who is not a techie, developer, or engineer.

— Alexis Tabak


The members of my cohort have been very supportive of each other as we learn more, share opinions, and find professional success. I am looking forward to getting started at Square and working on a product in Cash App that provides an opportunity for many people to start stacking sats!

— Dustin Adams


As a Global Operations Analyst at BlockFi, I am involved in all aspects of the business.  The course not only helped me further my belief in the impact of DeFi and Bitcoin, but it provided me with a layer of confidence when price volatility strikes and FUD increases.

— Mauricio Mondragon


The course provided me a platform to interact with like minded individuals who were as intellectually curious as am I about crypto. Most importantly, the course helped me gain access to connections in the cryptoeconomy, which ultimately led to me receiving and accepting an offer at Coinbase.

— Matt Alviti


This class was the perfect fit to help me make this totally new transition from business into crypto. Pomp and his team of coaches genuinely care about helping you succeed. Beyond learning, I made a positive career advancement into the Bitcoin industry, and I have this class and PompCryptoJobs to thank for that.

— Ariel Sanchez


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Learn in a cohort. Join a community. Invest in your career.