Success Stories

Over 40 former students are now working in the bitcoin and crypto industry!

I originally enrolled in Pomp's crypto course to start searching for a career in the digital currency sector and further develop my Bitcoin and crypto knowledge. I got so much more than just job search skills out of the course. Lessons taught got me to think about Bitcoin/crypto in a whole new light, and I felt I learned something new everyday in the course.

Pomp and all of the instructors were very encouraging and fun to learn from. The resources and community the course have developed were key factors in me getting the push I needed to dive head first into a career with a Bitcoin company. I can honestly say that without having gone through Pomp's Crypto Course, I would not be working for a Bitcoin/crypto company today.

If you're looking for a jump start to landing a career in the digital currency space, or just want to learn from and be a part of a wide ranging community of passionate, knowledgeable individuals, I would certainly suggest Pomp's Crypto Course.

— Nick Goulet

Compass Mining

If you are looking to get into Crypto professionally, it can be a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you prove yourself if you came from a completely different industry? How can you network? What do I qualify for? Going from a “normie” job to crypto is much easier said than done. This industry is so new, there really isn’t a roadmap that will take you where you need to go, especially for non-technical roles.

One day I asked myself, “How do I prove myself, my knowledge, and my desire to work in the industry?”
After a couple days of researching, I came across Pomps Crypto Course, and just like that I was accepted into Cohort 7. Let me tell you, this was worth every penny. I have met so many people in the industry, the coaches are so generous with their time and expertise, and we even got resume and application tips to help us get noticed by recruiters. We even got to interact with Pomp directly!

So here I am 1 month out of the course, and after some applications and further networking, I got hired by Celsius. I couldn’t be happier, I never thought working in crypto would be this satisfying. I would highly recommend this course. Even for someone brand new to crypto, this is the fast track to learning everything and anything you need to know. Attend every meeting possible, engage in the conversations, and you wont be disappointed.

— Cody Johnson

Customer Support Agent, Celsius

After seven years in traditional finance, I was burnt out. I was ready to get out from behind Excel and build something. Despite an increased appetite for risk, my training and intuition wouldn’t allow me to invest my most precious resource (my time) into something without doing full due diligence; I needed to treat my job search like making an investment complete with theses and risks. While crypto was something I owned and followed broadly, my knowledge was very casual and gaps in my understanding prohibited me from seriously considering a career pivot into the space.

I signed up for Pomp’s Crypto Academy on a whim and was immediately introduced to resources that helped me cut through the noise that is so prevalent in most industry coverage. The Academy helped me build conviction in the long-term prospects of crypto, gain comfort around the perceived risks, and ultimately build a framework from which to evaluate potential careers.

I am now the Director of Operations at US Bitcoin Corp, a mining company focused on securing the future of finance through the development and adoption of clean energy assets. I find myself in the middle of a high-growth industry at a company that aspires to change the world for the better. I feel reinvigorated in my career and could not be more excited for what the next chapter brings. I appreciate the part Pomp’s Crypto Academy played in helping me get over the hump to invest my career in the crypto movement.

— Sam Gage

Director of Operations, US Bitcoin Corp

Pomp’s Crypto Course gave me a community to learn more about crypto with. I was looking for a role in the industry and found the course helpful to meet companies hiring in the space.
The course introduced me to people interested in Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, and DAO’s. I recommend joining the course if you’d like to learn about bitcoin or crypto or find a role in the industry. It helped me find a role at Real Vision.

— Tim Coin


I enrolled in Pomp's Crypto Course to learn more about Bitcoin and to interact with Pomp and his group of excellent coaches. After nearly a decade in the legal department of a large traditional bank, I was also hopeful the course would reveal and potentially open some doors to a career where I could work more closely with crypto.

Pomp and the coaches are incredibly helpful, interesting, and interested in ensuring the course is useful for both experts and those new to crypto. Finally, the members of my cohort have been very supportive of each other as we learn more, share opinions, and find professional success. I am looking forward to getting started at Square and working on a product in Cash App that provides an opportunity for many people to start stacking sats!

— Dustin Adams


I joined the course because I wanted to transition my career specifically into a research/ compliance/ investigations job. The coaches were extremely helpful with interview guidance, resume help, and responded as fast as I posted a question. I made my intentions clear from the beginning which was the core of why I was able to succeed.

Pomp's course also holds an incredible amount of weight in the crypto ecosystem, as everyone I spoke to outside of the class whether it was an interview, a meetup, or a casual conversation was impressed that I had taken the initiative to make myself more educated in the space. In the nascent industry, there are few to slim certifications, majors, or career experience that can set you apart in the job market, especially for someone like myself who is not a techie, developer, or engineer. I am simply a New York City girl looking to get in on a hot industry and work hard. I start as a Compliance Associate at Gemini Trust, my first choice company at the end of the month.

— Alexis Tabak


From the very day I found bitcoin back in 2017 I knew I had to find a way to work in the industry. I had little to no industry knowledge and I did not have a single connection within the industry. I was like deer in the headlights hoping to find a job.

When I found Pomp’s Crypto Course I knew this was my way in. I met a tremendous amount of likeminded people that have now become my friends, both coaches and classmates. They helped me refine my bitcoin knowledge and pointed me in the right direction.

Since I began the course in May of 2021 I have started a podcast (Citizens of Blockchain), began educating others in Twitter Spaces, contribute weekly to the Slack channel the course provides, and most recently, gained employment with BTC Inc to build bitcoin conference. All of this in 3 months. Were it not for the course I would not be in the position I am today to be working a dream job of mine.

If you’re looking for proof-of-work to show employers, this is it.

— Allen Helm


I have been in crypto since 2017 and working full-time. Mid-Summer 2021, I decided to go all-in crypto. It was very difficult, and I was struggling to break-in because I wasn’t a developer, and my skillset was very broad! I decided to take a crypto course and found Pomp’s Crypto Academy what I needed.

It is cohort base and interactive. What I got out of it – knowledge review, resume building/branding, and a great network! The coaches are phenomenal. It is
crucial that you engage in all

— Hieu


Pomp's Course helped further my knowledge of blockchain as a technology, how Bitcoin is going to help shape our future and how the cryptoeconomy is evolving.

Pomp did a great job of allowing students to collaborate and interact in a completely virtual setting by breaking the class up into lectures, student breakout sessions and Q/A with Pomp himself. The course provided me a platform to interact with like minded individuals who were as intellectually curious as am I about crypto. Most importantly, the course helped me gain access to connections in the cryptoeconomy, which ultimately led to me receiving and accepting an offer at Coinbase.

— Matt Alviti


Pomp’s Crypto Course taught me the fundamentals of what is to change; from the legacy financial system to a digital financial network backed by integrity, validity and transparency in the economy. As a Global Operations Analyst at BlockFi, I am involved in all aspects of the business including interest accounts, U.S. dollar loans backed by your crypto collateral and it’s crypto exchange platform. The course not only helped me further my belief in the impact of DeFi and Bitcoin, but it provided me with a layer of confidence when price volatility strikes and FUD increases.

— Mauricio Mondragon


Pomp’s Class is a business school level finance & economics class tailored to people of all professional backgrounds and taught in a streamlined and more engaging learning environment. I signed up thinking that maybe I would just meet a few people interested in crypto... And to my surprise, the upside was huge! Pomp and his team really bring it.

Better yet, in my cohort I made friendships with a strong and collaborative group of people passionate about crypto. This class was the perfect fit to help me make this totally new transition from business into crypto. Pomp and his team of coaches genuinely care about helping you succeed. Beyond learning, I made a positive career advancement into the Bitcoin industry, and I have this class and PompCryptoJobs to thank for that. I cannot stress enough how valuable the hard skills I gained in this class were for me. You will leave this class thinking in Bitcoin!

— Ariel Sanchez


In taking Pomp's Crypto Course I wanted to expand my network of like minded individuals as I was thinking of making a career change. It helped me get connected with companies in the space that are hiring, gave great insight on how to navigate the crypto recruiting and application process and ultimately I was able to secure a position with Kraken. I had been offers from multiple companies but was able to wait for the right opportunity

— Ryan Johnston


I wanted to serve my employees better by understanding their perspectives in living and breathing crypto. As their HR, I want to be able to connect and advocate for my staff and I think closing the subject matter knowledge gap would help me better serve the crypto community in which I’m immersed.

Looking back, the awesome camaraderie that came along with taking the course would have been an appealing factor in making it all the more so desirable to pursue in the first place as well

— Talie Schwagger


I joined Pomp’s Crypto Course because I wanted to transition into the crypto space but was not sure I had all the knowledge that I might need. This course taught me about the history of bitcoin and how it works, the real-life use cases, and a future in a decentralized world. This course also allowed me to join a network of people who are helpful, open minded, and share the same passions for crypto.

This course made my transition into the crypto space possible, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a similar move.

— Antony Mavetz


Learn in a cohort. Join a community. Invest in your career.


I very much enjoyed Pomps course. Although i was already familiar with BTC and Crytpo in general Pomp was able to give a deeper dive into a variety of crytpo related topics. I also believe he helped reshape some of my thinking towards crypto related topics such as ESG and Smart Contracts. The assignments were not too difficult but challenging enough where it really made focus in on my understanding of the industry.

I think the course really set me up for success when trying to break into the crypto industry. The main piece that I think really helped me land my current position was confidence. After taking the course and completing the assignments I felt confident enough to talk crytpo with anyone even people already in the industry. I believe that this was a major factor throughout my interviewing process.

— Zach Levin


Pomp's Crypto Course helped me land a job at BlockFi as their Director of Private Client. I've been on the road to crypto self discovery since 2017, but up until Pomp's Crypto Course, there wasn't a set of organized education that addressed the entire cryptosphere from soup to nuts. Sure, you could read all the whitepapers, but there is nothing like a classroom and cohort based learning environment to solidify the knowledge. One of the biggest benefits was the Career Day when some of the top crypto firms came and presented to the cohort class. It was almost like a reverse interview, where they were trying to win our business! Having direct access to the recruiters at firms such as BlockFi, Coinbase, etc. was priceless.

For anyone on the fence about the course, remember that it's not about the cost, but rather it's about the value you will get, and from my experience the value was immense.

— Jonathan Espinosa


In the world of money, the majority of people merely talk about what they will do in the future; very few people act on those convictions today. For anyone looking to take a formal step toward learning about the world of cryptocurrency, I'd highly recommend enrolling in Pomp's Crypto Academy. Stop saying you will tomorrow. Take action!

— Drew Rogers


Super grateful to Pomp's Crypto Course for helping me find my dream job in crypto. I've been looking for a job in the space for over a year now and the course introduced me to a wonderful set of companies through the virtual job fair. Colton, Pomp and all of the crew that have put this course together have done a tremendous job! I am forever in your debt and the course fee was well worth it!

— Michael Van De Velde


Michelle is a founder with a background in product and growth. She started and scaled an edtech business and was a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. Michelle was part of the beta cohort.

— Michelle Sun


Very thankful for this course as it contributed to a major career change for me. I was working in consulting for the past year for a few start-ups and some smaller-middle sized businesses, but truly had no interest in the projects I was working on. Taking this course truly unlocked an interest for something that I haven't felt in quite a while.

— Evan Sherriffs


I've been a writer with some amount of success for a little while now, but Pomps Crypto Course introduced me like-minded fanatics of the Crypto space that welcomed me, regardless of experience in the field, with open arms. The coaches encouraged me to continue creating valuable content, and the classmates rallied behind myself, and two others from the course as we launched the Citizens of Blockchain Podcast. Without the support of the class and coaches, I'd have been hard pressed to find the inspiration waiting for me I found here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a book to write.

— Shawn Amick


I recently quit my boring job in enterprise saas to go all-in doing not boring stuff on the internet after @packy called out members of the extended Pompliano universe in The Great Online Game. now i do product/growth at indexcoop, recruit & onboard creators to at seedclub, manage an army of axies & am generally up to my neck in DAOs across the DeFi & NFT spaces. I love it here.

— Crews Enochs


I thought I knew a lot about Bitcoin before Pomp's course. But the course covered it in such depth, it was amazing. They've got a great set of people for deep dives, the community is great, and every question is answered.

— Pareen Lathia


Pomp's Crypto Academy has been life changing for myself and the PiñaPay team. The amount of networking and resources available during and after the course is invaluable. If you are building a blockchain project you must sign up for Pomp's Crypto Academy to take advantage of the like-minded people you will be able to connect with. Taking this course will assist you with explaining bitcoin and blockchain to almost anyone with ease, even if they are skeptical! I'm looking forward to future events and meetups with Alumni from Pomp's Crypto Academy. The coaches are on point and eager to assist you with any questions or suggestions you may have. Don't miss this opportunity, sign up for Pomp's Crypto Academy today!

— Christopher Abate


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Learn in a cohort. Join a community. Invest in your career.